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My dream starts at an old house. The house itself is large and there seems to be some sort of party going on. I don't recognize any of the people and they don't realy pay any attention to me. I go inside and make my way up stairs. I walk down a small hallway and enter a door. Inside i find 4-6 people standing around a bed, and on the bed is the body of an old man. The people in the room are wrapping the body in gauze kind of like a mummy. After they wrap the body they pick it up and take it out behind the house to on old cemetery. The cemetery is fenced off and soil there is all sand. It is not raining but the sand is wet and squishy and really hard to walk thru. Now this is where the real strangeness begins. There are other graves here but they are all open, with the occupants supported above them on wooden planks. some of the bodies are wrapped like the old man but others are half wrapped in what i can only describe as red foil. I follow the people with the old man to a fresh grave and they lay the body onto the plank above it. Someone says a few words and the group and I leave and go back to the house. somewhere along the way i find a rubber clown mask and once back at the house I put it on. T he people at the part immediately start freeking out and run off in all directions, so I start to chase them. after a few min of this I look over my shoulder and see myself in the clown mask. this scares the crap out of me and i begin to run away from the house. I soon find myself in a forest but the ground is still the wet squishy sand. I eventually find an old shack and make my way inside. The shack is small only one room, and i find 2 more bodies there. The bodies look like old hillbilly guys and are eather been smashed with something or possibly slashed I'm not sure but they were both a mess. after a quick look around one of the dead men starts to talk to me. He tells me of a path that i need to find that leads to the highway. I then leave the shack and look for the path. I find it and start running down it. I soon find the highway and see a car. I start to flag the car down and hear a noise behind me. I quickly turn around and I'm cut down by myself as the clown.
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

I've had some weird dreams about people in clown masks too. Interesting.

The dead bodies refer to an old state of mind that must die. They rise above the ground showing a lifting of consciousness from the material to the spiritual. White gauze shows purity, red foil, a new life force. You seek a firm foundation (planks) because your foundation is poor (sandy squishy wet soil).<br />
A warning in your dream tells your acting like a fool (clown mask) and it's getting you into trouble (running). The shack with the 2 men point to negative activities within yourself. You need to improve and overcome this for fear that you will be cut down.

Yourself as a clown might mean that subconciously you are afraid of what you can't see. Or maybe it was caused by something you watched or saw. P.s. This dream of yours could make a really cool book! ;)