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Last week I had a dream about this guy from my school.I never talked to him once but we have this odd conection.and I know he feels it too.we catch eye contact everyday between 2nd going to 3rd period,4th period going to 5th,during lunch,and right after 8th.it's not some guy checking me out because we both catch eye contact.sometimes I can't get him out of my head and I don't know why.it dosnt feel like a stupid crush.I'm just drawn to him in a way I don't even understand.at any chance I get to possibly see him,I take it.he works at a local movie theater and I go almost every Saturday to go but a bag of popcorn and hope he's working the redgister.or sweeping the lobby.but when I had this dream things got weird...
It was me and him and we went to the local park.and it was all foggy and blue as if it was winter.we walked towards the river and there was a concret square of water on the side of the river.(like a pool in the river) and the water was frozen and we sat together on top of the frozen water and ate pixi stix.I also remember stomping my foot on the ice serface until it broke through.then I woke up.
I went to school and caught eye contact with him again but he smiled at me,directly at me.he's never smiled at me like that.but for all I know this dream could mean absolutely nothing but I feel like there's more to it then just an out of the blue dream.today was the first Saturday in about 7 months that i didn't go to the movies to see him.But I'll be here patiently waiting for him tonight in my dreams.
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Your difficulties are emphasized in the cold. A river sometimes refers to death. There is a need for balance (square). Much of your spiritual self (water) is still frozen (iced surface). The pixi sticks are pure sugar which represents overindulgence. Sweets in certain forms (sugar and starches) produce in the body a kind of alcohol, then be warned.