Alien Messages

It was winter time in this dream, and it happened on the north side of my house. A bunch of stuffed animals, my mother, and I were fighting some bears to protect a special kind of tree in my yard. The bears were yellow/orange colored for fur. We fought and fought the bears until they were gone. We won the battle and saved the tree! My little sister's stuffed animal, Pink Bunny, was shaking like crazy. He was carrying one of my Teddy bear's relatives and they both jumped into steaming hot water.
Then my mother showed me some unique pink clouds, but I also saw boxes, lockers, and dots on white lines going by really fast. An extraterrestrial tune played as I saw the lines. It sounded like whistling. The clouds were made of soap in the sky, and that is how they received their pink coloring. Nobody else saw the sky pictures except for me.
My mother and I walked around to a patch of trees. Two toy-sized flying saucers flew above us, then one flew so close to us that I hit it to move the ship. The strike felt real! They kept following us until they landed right in front of us. They opened up the hatch of their ship, but a light emanated from the inside of the ship, which made it impossible to seethe aliens. They started to speak in their native language that I could not decipher. END OF DREAM! :)
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1 Response May 6, 2012

You are warring with yourself or others (fighting bear). You are being overbearing, acting in a proud or haughty way towards others. Your being childish (stuffed animals) and your weakness (pink) is getting you into trouble (hot water). You are easily swayed by others (clouds), this needs to be cleaned up (soap). The saucers represent your spiritual ideals and by hitting them it could show some aspect of your spiritual life has been damaged. The foreign language shows your not being your true self.

Wow, you are a good interpreter! Thank you