Kidnapped By Vampires

Last night I had a very weird dream. I walked outside of this creepy looking house and I had a feeling that I lived there against my will of some sorts. I was kept against my will in a large house that had a very long cement looking porch on the front that was cluttered with stuff that looked old like furniture (not sure). It was snowing; the ground was full with snow. I walked around to the side of the house from the back and I had this feeling knowing I wasn't supposed to be there or I would get in trouble but I didn't know by who or what or why but all I knew is that I really needed to be outside. And escape wasn’t possible. First I remember looking up at the gray cloudy sky, then at the leafless trees, lastly digging through the snow to see the dead grass that reminded me of myself. I felt dead inside. I kept hearing these words telling saying. Dead. Inside.

I remember looking down at myself; I was in a child’s body. I was a little girl, whereas in real life I am an average 18 year old girl. The clothes I was wearing looked like what someone would wear in 1800’s. I wore a dark green trench coat that reached my knees, and I didn't have any shoes. There was a cat that walked around there it was the only thing that looked lively. I remember playing with it as it played with my fingers and chased me in the snow, and I gave it something to eat (not sure what it was). But I had this bad feeling that I better get back inside so I walked up the concrete looking porch thing. Looking up I saw my kidnapper. My oppressor was a tall thing man with pale skin that reminded me of a vampire because it was so white. He wore a black suit with a top hat. Anyway he was standing just ten feet away from me, blocking the door. (not that I wanted to go inside anyway) He didn't look friendly, he actually looked quiet angry with me. His face was very scary yet he wasn’t unattractive either. I immediately cast my eyes to the ground, looked back up, he marched towards me threateningly and I started to shake and tremble in fear but, I knew I had no way out. I knew I was going to be hit. I also felt like this man had hit me before so it was nothing new but I couldn't help the feeling of dread when I saw him come face to face with me. I had the feeling I had been ‘caught in the act’ So I closed my eyes and waited for the impact, it never came, opening them he slapped me across the face...actually more like back handed me to my jaw. He spoke, "What have I told you about coming out side!" and things like "Go inside I'll deal with you when I return." and another "Don't even think about looking outside your bedroom window or I'll kill you"

The next thing I know I am in my bedroom but I don't feel any emotional attachment to it so I feel like a prisoner and this isn't really my home. I remember thinking 'I was taken' things like 'kidnapped' idk. Weird I know... then a black purplish hair little girl around the age I thought I was in my dream came into the room. I had a weird feeling she was the mean mans daughter. He looked a lot like her. Very pale. Immediately my thoughts went to vampires. Where these people Vampires? I was pretty positive.

I remember being scared of her because, she had got me in trouble before and not to mention she had caught me looking outside when I wasn't allowed to do so. She said something like "You know you’re not supposed be looking outside. I'm telling daddy" and she smirked or snickered evilly at me and walked out. Her face scared me almost as much as being physically hit by the scary man because it was consorted into something very sadistic, not very human if I should say.

I then remember running away through a forest to get away from the scary man when he was away because, I knew he was going to kill me when he got back and then my dream ends there. It was so graphic. I literally could feel the slap on my cheek. Idk it felt really weird to me. LOL.

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1 Response May 7, 2012

Your difficulties are shown by the cold and dead grass. Your getting into trouble (running) and the dream shows this warning of wrongdoing or sin (fear). Your escaping shows that there is always a way to escape from problems.