My Weird Zombie Dream

One night I dreamt this weird dream about zombies!I have actually dreamt about zombies more than once.I was with my family but the only thing out of place is i had this really pale white baby in my arms and  I don't have a baby. But I had bought this haunted doll off ebay that was supposed to have the spirt of a little baby who had died and sometimes the baby shows up in my dreams like a part of the family weird!Well anyway my family and I were running from some zombies  and we got split up somehow.I was then by myself in this long hallway in some kind of building.I then saw these wild looking dogs with sharp teeth and red eyes start to chase me!I quickly ran in to this room and locked the door and then I thought I saw some other people then I saw my daughter and I told her i was tired and could she hold the baby.We then met up with my husband and my other children and we go in to a truck and speed down a deserted highway.I don't know how but then I find myself on the deserted highway by myself with zombies surrounding me I then took off in the air and started flying. But when I got up in the air  I couldn't control myself that good and I started to fall but I caught my balance and then was flying through space.Next i just find myself with my family again at this little diner in the middle of nowhere and we go inside.There were three dead zombies lying on the floor they were gross! I then saw a wolf that walked pass the window and I was scared so my husband said he would check it out.It turned out to be just someone in a wolf costume! These people  then came in dressed like they were from the 80's with  jerry curls and they jumped on the tables and started singing and dancing saying we're the funkiest people all in the town!
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Well least your dream ended on a good note with people breaking out In song and dance :)

The baby represents a new birth, a new consciousness, or a rebirth of yourself to higher and nobler ideals. The purity is shown in white. You will experience this transition or change (hallway). Control your tendency to snap and snarl at your family. Lock out these unpleasant conditions. Rise above your difficulties (zombies) and find balance in your life. Be on guard for fear you will get into trouble (wolf). Take steps (dance) and meet conditions in whatever they may arise, with the best of hope, the best of desire, the best of heart and soul of those who will and do listen (music).