Visitor From The Grave

One night I  dreamt that something was after me.The dream starts with my daughter leaving with her friend and forgets something.They drive off and I go after them.I almost run in to this big truck when I ran off the road in to this huge field.I get out and start running through these tall weeds when dogs or some sort of animal starts chasing me. I then run in to this park  and i see this man who looked like a corpse and smelled like something rotten I felt like he was there to warn me but  I don't know about what.I then start  to go look for my daughter and I  go in to this liquor store for some reason.When I come out and it's strange but  I find this couch and I sit down and and the couch lifts in to the air and starts flying through space I'm trying to hold on to keep from falling.The couch looks like it lands on the moon or something and i get up to go look for my daughter but she isn't there suddenly I'm at this house. My daughters, my son and my husband and my aunt are all going to a  birthday party and they said there wasn't enough room in the car for me so I stayed home alone.We supposedly have a guardian spirit in our home so I Idon't know if this had anything to do with it. I felt someone behind me grab me and pull me down in to the ground and I start screaming!
nightdreamflyer nightdreamflyer
1 Response May 11, 2012

Your dream starts out by showing that vital issues of life are being neglected (forget something). The moving car refers to your health. This is a warning to change conditions in the physical body. Do you eat on the run or have poor eating habits that is causing weight gain? or Are there hostile attitudes, unfriendly relations, (dog chasing you) with someone at work (truck)?<br />
You need to relax (couch) and rise above your problems (flying) so you can reach a balance (keep from falling) you seek in your spiritual ideals (moon) for a greater understanding (home). Here your dream warns you (screaming) of becoming separated or isolated (home alone) from these spiritual principals, the foundations of yourself (floor) that you need to be pulled back to.