Another Weird One..

It seems as though I never stop dreaming weird dreams. The night before last, I dreamed that my boyfriend and I were parked in a parking, along a road, it seemed it was between woods. The kind you would see in a car commercial. Anyway, we stopped, and this lady parks her car next to ours, a bit distant. She knocks on my window & my stupid self opens the door instead of rolling down the window. She then puts a "gun" to my ribs. I then get all wanting to cry & I don't know, freaking out! My boyfriend doesn't do or say anything. She then starts laughing and I look down and it was a pack of chewing gum. I was relieved. Then all of a sudden, I am back at home, my boyfriend walks me to the front yard, not all the way to the door. My house is busy and the door is open. I see my mom, and I can tell that she was going to tell me something because she looks at me weird. I thought because I only had a big sweater and I didn't have my dress on that I had when I had gone out. My bf then gives me the dress I had, I guess I had left it in his car or something and I put it in my bag. I say bye to him and that is as much as I remember. I had another dream last might but that wasn't all that weird. I actually enjoyed it but I will not write it on here because it is too private. That is all!
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Your mind is in a maze (woods), that can bring emotional disturbances (gun) Your crying is a warning of trouble. You need to be more careful (laughing) before you have a negative situation which can become gummy (chewing gum). The big sweater may represent the excessive activity of the error of your ways (no dress). The improper state of undress in public is a dream of censorship and warning. Your shortcomings are known to others (mother and bf).

Thanks for your feedback! Very helpful.

Also, I dream my bf so much, do you know what this could mean?

You usually meet yourself in dreams, what they look like depicts aspects of yourself. Your dreaming a lot about bf may be feelings of emotional conflict or serious gaps in the relationships.