I Was Worker In A Brothel

I had this dream just this morning and it's somehow stuck with me all day. I usually forget my dreams upon waking.
I was a prostitute in a brothel and I had several clients, it is unknown if I liked being there. The build the brothel was in was much like a building you'd expect to see in London, with an apartment look to it with many windows, and the outside looked very old, like Victorian era, very embellished. There were two building for this one brothel, the second on was right across a very narrow alleyway. Right before one of my "sessions" I went over to the window to clear off the dusty film so that people in the other building, in a room the same floor as mine could see me. I was worried that something bad might happen, like the client would attack me or something. I watched myself in third person for one of the sessions, and the last one I was in first person, so all I could see was the bed, the headboard with gold accents and the dark green walls and that the only light in the room came from the window I had just cleaned. I looked completely different than what I really look like. I'm not even sure if the dream "me" was me at all. If that makes any sense. The sex was very erotic,slow at first, almost loving, then a little dirty, but nothing really raunchy. when I woke up I just kinda thought...that's strange, I don't normally have sex dreams, and not this type.
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Past life?

Haha! no, definitely not.

Yeah not real flattering,...
Most people like to think they were famous people etc....
Who would say... yeah I think I was a *****...