Dreamed I Was Shot.

last night i dreamed that I was at my moms house..(she lives in the country about 5 miles from a small town)
I was sitting in the living room when this car with a family stops infront of her house and their son pees in our yard. then they all start talking about going in the house and the wife, husband and son all have hunting bows. There was a daughter but she was un armed. They get in the house before i can escape so i hide in my moms closet behind a shelf. The husband drops his bow to cart out something of value from the house..i can't see what it was because it was in a part of the room that i couldn't see..so when he leaves the room i grab the bow. the husband comes back for the tv and somehow he electricutes himself. The wife and kids come in the room..wife is really upset. son is trying to figure out where the bow went....looks in the closet and finds me. at this point i dont know where the dsughter went. but the mom is standing across the room and starts acccusing me of shooting her husband with the bow and thats why he is dead....i try to explain to her that it wasn't me. She doesn't understand and draws her bow and shoots me in the forehead. in my dream i could taste the blood as it ran down my face but i didn't cry i pulled the arrow out of my forehead and shot the mom twice one time in the shoulder and another in the arm..i told her if i shoot you again you are going to die and then who is going to take care of your kids. She broke down crying and i told her to just leave and that i will say the huband shot me...she decided it was best but if i told the police she would come back and finish me off....then i was in my dads house with my cousin and told him that i wasn't scared because if i did die at least i could be with my grandparents again..then i woke up...

what in the hell does this dream mean?...I was really freaked out and checked my forehead when i woke up because of the taste of blood seemed so real.
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Thanks for the insite on this! I Have been trying to figure out this dream since I had it....what you are getting out of it still makes me uneasy....my husband will be deploying soon..<br />
The arrow to the forehead didn't seem to bother me other than the immage of the blood and being able to taste it in my dream, probally bit cheek or something.<br />
<br />
Thank you Stareye for taking the time to read!

The urinating on the lawn becomes an urgent danger warning for you. There are emotional disturbances (burglars and their weapons) in your life. The enemy represents aspects of yourself which may rob you of your spiritual treasures within you (theft). Your hiding in the closet shows your inner self is closed off or separated. <br />
Are you getting this message (arrow to forehead) of a negative emotion (blood). The mothers crying is warning you of this trouble.