Monster Hunters

Okay so in this dream I had last night I was a new recruit in this monster fighting group. I was standing at the reception desk and it was my first day. Well there was an unexpected attack. Some zombie like creatures starting flooding in the building I was hiding behind the desk watching as the more experienced fighters shoot them off most of them teenage girls and boys One of the head officers which was a short haired woman stood beside me when the zombies made their way into the reception area she started to shoot them off but they overwhelmed her and pushed her back to the desk where one zombie pushed her and she accidently pulled the trigger hitting my left hip. Well the fought them off and the dream shifted to a few days later when it was all healed. I was running away from the place. When I looked at my hip I could see a good sized scar when I rubbed my fingers over it I could feel the bump in the skin and the smooth part of the scar. Well as I was runnin back home I could feel a sharp pain shooting upy left leg from my hip. It was so weird how much detail my mind put in this dream. I just wanted to write his down before i forget.
Quinn1313 Quinn1313
18-21, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

There are emotional problems in your life. Your dream is warning you against being drawn into arguments (shooting zombies) that will bring trouble (running). The left hip represents the wrong approach. The pain you encounter symbolizes the result.