Disturbing Dream

I was walking at night through the yard of the large Catholic church across the street from my house.  Earlier in the dream I had been working as a medic and trying out a new stretcher design which carried two people with someone in a hospital.  I forget the details of that earlier part, but here later it echoed in this scene in the churchyard.

A woman called to stop me, asking for help, carrying something.  As I looked down I saw a body on a stretcher.  "It's my sister" the woman explained.  But, she was dead, I guess the woman was trying to take her into the church for a ceremony?  As I looked closely I noticed the body on the stretcher was the naked body of a dog or jackal, headless.  It looked candied like the preserved corpses of animals they sell at Chinese groceries.

I was both disgusted and suspicious, but tried not to show my feelings as I took out my cellphone and fumbled with it, trying to dial the number for the local police.  I couldn't figure out how to dial it.  For some reason it only had six buttons and was very small.  The woman saw what I was doing and took out hers and dialed it and gave it to me.  She had dialed 911 (the emergency services number in the US).  When I got on the phone I tried to explain the situation.  I asked for the morgue and a police car, but I was having difficulty explaining the situation.

When I woke up this dream was still troubling me.  What does it mean?
neodeno neodeno
May 16, 2012