Sex Dream...

I never have full sex dreams, they are usually just foreplay and kissing then i wake up. but last night was different.
I started dating this guy he was great nothing like any other guy ive dated. he did live at home but his family had money! They had a really nice house with a big yard in the back yard was this 4wheeler/dirt bike area. and they had a house boat. first we were on the boat, it was docked, but we went there to have some alone time. we had sex in a few places on the boat, then some friends of the family showed up saying they were going to borrow the boat, and that his family would be coming out there. so we grabbed our stuff and headed to his house, we werent through having fun.
when we got there his family was there so i got to meet them(they were all out back on the porch). his little niece was SO cute and he was so good with her. he was showing me around, then he wanted to show me the dirt bike path. so we went back outside. he climbed on his dirt bike and was getting ready to put his helmet on. i told him to be careful, he kissed me! with his fam watching!!! then he went for a ride. i enjoyed watching him he was really good. once back we walked past the little pond they had, then went inside.
We found a nice quiet spot and started making out. we started taking our clothes off. I took his **** in my mouth, i then grabbed some oil or something and started giving him a rub down. it was then that i realized we werent really the room next to ours there was a sitting area with 3 or 4 guys (more friends). i told my bf about it, he started to get up but i pushed him back down and kept rubbing. i started on his legs and worked my way up to his sholders. he was so horny that he came. i smiled to myself and thought "damn im good"
we went on to have sex a few more times but i dont remember the details for that. Anyway it was a very good dream :D
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I don't usually have very many sex dreams either which is disappointing because the few I have had were really good. Anyway, interesting story, thanks for sharing!