Last Night

hospital xray ward at the shopping centre

santa on a hornet or F18


I had 3 dreams last night

one was at a shopping centre I walked into a shop which on closer inspection turned out to be a hospital ward with cubical.  I walked along and sat down

in one cubical waiting to see the doctor. it was not busy it felt ghostly really.

then I dreamed of santa was on a F18 and  was heading off to some Greek or Mediterranean Island to appear at party with Iron gates and he was talking

on a radio station to listeners about how the party was to start and it would be a great night with bands and prizes.

I had a dream that I was pregnant and a eastern European vampire who was the doctor he said the baby was likely to come in the next few hours but

then he picked me up by the arms and chest and I started bleeding from the vagina and he said that he thought the baby was coming in the next hour

I was scared and in pain.

these are strange dreams  and I wonder what their real meanings are.
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1 Response May 17, 2012

The shopping center shows temptations because women are usually tempted to buy something. A hospital may relate to a physical imperfection or the correcting of a emotional ailment.<br />
<br />
The radio represents a message from you unconscious. Santa is your higher self and the plane your spiritual ideals. The gates of the party could represent heaven and your spiritual purpose. I believe this dream encourages you to seek the spiritual treasures (prizes).<br />
<br />
Spiritual development is seen in the promise of the birth which represents a new consciousness or rebirth of yourself to higher ideals. The Dr. Vampire may show your lower undisciplined self causing you to loose vital energy (loss of blood). Time is short, your distress and pain represents an expansion of consciousness which come to those who seek to love.