Bad Dreams Age 5

There’s a back drop in a yard that’s supposed to be my house that’s where im standing. my mom is playing frisbe with my dad at the top of the yard, its hot and my breathing has never been so heavy. It only seems I can move my eyes that Im stuck in one spot. All I can do is watch, so I do just that. The frisbe he throws seems different then all the rest, it glides right past her hand and chops her head clean off. I start to cry histerically. And then I wake up. Im only about 5 at this time, its around 2 in the afternoon and I drenched in my sweat and tears from the nightmare. As I sit In a crib that’s to small for any 5 year old I rethink my dream, and then I realize im wearing a thick coat. That’s all I remember of that afternoon and of any dreams for a while. My life before revolved around dreams. No, Nightmares.
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This may indicate your mother at that time was loosing her head over unpleasant pursuits.