Rainbow Tiki Waterpark Nightmare

I had this dream a while ago and I was really freaked out by it even though it doesn't sond scary at all.

I starts in this water park for younger kids with small water slides, water spraying everywhere, etc. In the very back of the water park was a water fall cave (a cave with a water fall in front of the enterance) that had this tall tiki statue that looked like a guy with a rainbow on his head. The water park was relatively small and was indoor so I could see everything. I didn't want to swim so I was on the deck of the pool waiting for my mom, dad, younger brother, and sister to come out of the water. I was just reading my book when I suddenly heard screaming. I looked up from my book and saw the tiki statue coming out of the cave and splashing water all over the place. I was sort of freaked out some I grabbed my book and started to back away from the water. When I looked at the tiki man, he was doing this weird thing with his hands and the water. This whirlpool started to swirl around him and sucked everyone in. I was so scared so I ran away just in time to see everyone be sucked in. I ran out the water park and then I just woke up.

I was scared for a long time and I am still freaked out now because lately I have been having a lot of de ja vous and I am a little afraid this might happen. Even though it sounds crazy, can someone tell me what this about?
Kirbyhenk Kirbyhenk
13-15, F
May 18, 2012