Scorpion King

I'm a female pilot of some sort of ship in a spacefaring human or humanlike race; it's kind of like "Battlestar Galactica" but we all seem a little more grungy; like we've seen some hard times.  One day we're on a mission and it's running along this low tunnel filled with boxes with what I think are preserved specimens in them.  Stasis chambers or something?  We're supposed to destroy them all.  So we're running along the tunnel shooting them.

I come to one and all of a sudden it's like I'm possessed.  Instead of shooting it, I stop and open it carefully, deactivating the stasis lock.  As it melts I see inside it's a golden sarcophagus with Egyptian looking hieroglyphs all over it.  I don't tell anyone and just continue on with my mission, but i hear this voice as I'm leaving it's saying something like "Scorpion King" or something like that.  But the picture I see is someone who has a moth coming out of his mouth.  It's weird.  It was on the sarcophagus but the image stayed stuck in my head.

Then we get back to our mother ship and I'm acting all weird.  I play some random pranks on someone for no apparent reason.  I feel strange.  Finally I'm heading back to my room which is shared with a couple other women.  There's one woman who has like 2/3 of the space and then I'm sharing a bed with another woman in the smaller part of the room.  She gets it while I'm working and I get it while she is.  I realize I don't know any details of my life or situation here really.  I'm asking the other woman here about myself.  She's trying to go to bed but I don't let her.  I get the feeling she doesn't like me very much, but she lets off in passing that we're occasionally lovers, as is the third woman, who is not present.

I ask her if I'm not very important here or something and she looks at me weird.  I say "well when I was a 10 year old kid I already had a room bigger than this and here I'm sharing with someone else".  She tells me it's because I'm kind of a jerk and **** people off.  I offer her a cigarette and suggest we stay up and talk for a while.  I mention I feel different since the mission and she says "yeah you went to the doctor... what happened?"

I say I feel smarter all of a sudden and I have a strange thing, like... a, what's it called, conscience, that I never had before.  I actually felt bad about shooting all those stasis chambers.  The other woman looks at me like she's seeing me in a new light and comes back from bed and we sit down to talk.

That's it.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Airships represent spiritual ideals. The shooting is a warning of arguments that will bring trouble. The golden color shows the good qualities and the need to express them. The sarcophagus symbolizes death of old attitudes in the consciousness. This must come to your mind and spirit to release the higher self, the Scorpion King.

interesting interpretation, thanks