I Went To A Vast White Supermarket That Placed Products By Color.

In the dream, I meant to go to a hotel. In my thought in the dream, they had foot spa and I wanted to try it. 
However the hotel staff told me to go downstair by a very steep and narrow escalator. It width is not more that 40 cm. or so.
When I went down, I was surprised to have found a vast big all-white supermarket space. Hight ceiling , no void. Just spacious. I walked around to discover and enjoy this very new place.   The stuffs were placed by color. It was beautiful but not very functioning in real life. It was a dream after all. I went to Orange color section. And I see a lot of oranges. I pick some and smell.I could smell the fresh scent of orange. I touched its texture and it felt good. In my wake life I have been a good fan of citrus family fruits. There was another stranger guy in the supermarket. I knew his existence but he was faceless. We didn't talk.  

That's all I could remember. It's more than a month a go. But it was impressive for a dream after all. I really want to dream about it another time.
My friend said there is exactly the same scene in the book "Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End Of The World" by Haruki Murakami. I have never read but I should try.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

You are in a temporary or transitional state (hotel). There is a need to take greater steps to awareness that your foundation (foot) needs to receive spiritual knowledge (spa). The grocery represents your diet and the orange shows energy. Your dream may be telling you to eat citrus in your diet. The faceless stranger may be the negatives of your own personality.