Severed Head, Demons And Out-of-body Experience

A man stood in front of me (I don't know this man in real life). He had a smile on his face and a familiar and comforting aura about him. I felt like I knew this person well. Then the scene switched to one in which his severed head was next to me. It was standing upright (the neck was level with the ground) and it was facing my direction as if it had been put there like that for me to see. I was laying on the ground, forced  there by someone stronger then me, looking at it and this unbelievable anger and sadness was welling up in me.  There seemed to be someone near us but outside my field of vision who was doing this to us. I had never felt such intense emotions in a dream before. It's as if it was happening for real. Rage took over me and an intense thought came to me. It was something like "I renounce all that is good". What I felt when I said that, is that I wanted to kill the one who did this and I was ready to throw my soul away to do this. Ready to intake all the violence and bloodshed I had seen and make it my own. I wanted to be able to commit the most gruesome acts without feeling anything. I wanted to become a monster myself instead of letting myself drown in sadness. Then I screamed as loud as I could, unable to contain my emotions. It started as a normal yell but quickly morphed into a demonic sound wave. Demons popped out here and there as though they were attracted to the sound and slowly closed in on me. The world I saw before me became warped. Were they actual demons or was I going insane?  Were they going to kill me once they reached me? I wasn't sure but what I felt would happen is that they would get a hold of me and show me what evil truly was. They would show me visions of the worst things humans can do to each other until I became a broken and twisted individual, until I became like them. I got scared (remember that all these feelings were all intense and lifelike) and felt like whatever was happening to me, my mind couldn't handle it. I tried looking at something else because if I didn't see them, I wouldn't be as scared but it didn't work. No matter where I looked, they were always in my field of vision, coming closer. It was like when you look at a light bulb or someone takes a picture of you with a flash. You see a spot and no matter were you look the spot is there. Now imagine multiple of those spots which have the form of demons creeping closer to you. I was so scared I closed my eyes but when I did, I started seeing the real world trough someone Else's eyes. It wasn't anything interesting. just a bedside table with some stuff on it but the image became wider and clearer as if i was opening a connection with a stranger's mind. I thought it might be my own room but the things I saw on the table weren't mine. It felt lucid. I was scared and really uncomfortable as though I wasn't sure if I was awake or not. So here I was, demons coming towards me if my eyes were open and having this lucid looking mental connection to a stranger when I closed my eyes. No matter what I did, I couldn't escape the insanity of it all. Wanting to save myself, I kept my eyes closed, tried to close the connection with the stranger and imagined nothing but black to try and mask it all. Then everything around me started to vibrate violently as if it was culminating and the worst was coming any second. It felt like being in the midst of an earthquake while blindfolded. I started yelling something. I don't remember exactly what it was but it sounded like  "I don't want this" and "help me". I repeated it over and over hoping whatever was happening would disappear. Then it all slowly subsided as if it was listening to my pleas. Before it was completely gone, I heard this demonic voice talking to me. I don't remember what it said but it was short and no more then a few words, like a statement or a warning. Then I woke up.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

This is a dream, and it's an experience. The demons are real, they do exist, and they do take over bodies with or without your permission. <br />
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I first want to let you know that these experiences are more common than what you really think.<br />
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You are not going insane, quite the contrary.<br />
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What this was showing you is that if you don't get help for your problems, then you will become worse, you will become those emotions where you want to hurt people.<br />
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The way you are feeling is making you look weak to the demons. You are being warned to heal yourself, or they can take over your body and do the things, you experienced through your emotions during this horrific ordeal. You must become stronger, by forgiving whoever done you wrong. <br />
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GOD Bless

The dream is a warning regarding your mental attitudes. The demons symbolize the pressures and temptations in life that force us to meet ourselves. Your mind must awaken to the right thoughts before you loose your head to fear that will arise unless your mood is changed. Expand your spiritual awareness.