I Don't Understand My Dreams.

I have really weird dreams and I have no idea what they mean. Most of them have people I don't even know in them and most of them involve me being killed or someone I love being killed. When I hurt myself in a dream I actually feel myself hurting while I'm sleeping. I've had pretty messed up dreams but I never wake up from them. I had this one dream a few times, a guy I don't know was trying to shoot me, I let him shoot me because somehow in my dream I knew I was going to wake up in real life, if that makes sense, and every time I have that dream I always let the man shoot me and I always wake up. I don't know why I keep dreaming that I'm being killed but sometimes it gets too much that I'm scared to sleep at night, dreams are uncontrollable and that really scares me.
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Maybe striking your head was attacking your troubles where they begin, in the mind, destroying the negative within yourself. Rising into the air showed a lifting of consciousness from the material to the spiritual. This warning is emphasized with your pain. <br />
Meet your problems in the right spirit through prayer and meditation.

What does that mean? lol.

Change your attitude. Think upon spiritual things.

I'll get back to you on that dream, have to log out now.

Ok no problem.

Such dreams rarely refer to physical death, but often symbolize the death of old attitudes to a birth of new mental development. This must come to your mind in order to release the higher self.

I do suffer from depression and social anxiety and I'm only 17. I had another dream last night that I got beaten to death, I dreamed that someone pushed me hard enough that I went up into the air and landed on the concrete and I hit my head really hard that I died. It felt so real that I actually felt my head hurting.