Why Did I See This Dream

Old Muslim man seems like my boyfriend's passed away father.He was carrying a gallon and he cut the main water pipe which was newly put in and filled the gallon up from outside my boyfriends house.I went behind him and stopped to see who and why but he looked at me and smiled and left.He was dressed up in Muslim white clothes and white prayer clothes.It looked as if he was going for prayer
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Maybe your boyfriend is getting tapped dry; exhausted... Tired of fighting or something... Maybe you and all the women in his life drives him nuts... Pat yourself on the back it must be some form of success getting back at him for something bad he did to you. LOL

Thank you maybe that is true.He asked for forgiveness and I gave him a chance but I still think deep inside he is seeing her.He blamed me for cheating because he feels I am not there for him.I don't go out and I don't look great.I always stay home with kids....

Can anyone give more suggestion?<br />

Do you have some sort of issues with organized religion and people appearing to be something they are in fact not hiding behind religion looking holy while they are in fact not behind the appearances of angelic couture? I'd say be careful of wolves (enemies/frauds) in sheeps clothing...they may look innocent and caring on the outside but they are truly only in it to bleed you dry like some ruthless and heartless parasite you won't be able to shake off once you allow them to get a hold over your mind and soul... Be careful...if there is still a way out before it goes too far take it and do not look back. The house is symbolic of your soul and the water is symbolic of your life energy like fuel; a life supply some thief is lurking about seeking to steal... Protect yourself using logic!

Please can someone explain this dream.Help me

Thanks for the comment but it was not my house,it was my boyfriend's house and the old man looked like his father.But I saw different dream just before I saw this one.I saw some woman trying to fight and I went there and asked them not to fight.After that dream I saw the elderly man's dream.And that night some woman rang me and I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me.