Sp(m)oon Theory

It was late at night and the moon was full. I held a shiny silver spoon in my hand and reflected the moon's light off into the sky. A minute later, a small silver spaceship came down and opened. Inside were two children (one girl and a boy) who smiled nicely. The catch was that their teeth were sharp and numerous like that of a shark's! I got in the spacecraft and we left. The inside was red and silky. We returned later and I went back home. The next night I came back with a crowd of people but the aliens didn't come back. That is, until the crowd left. The ship came down and I became mad, questioning why they didn't come earlier. They told me they wanted to keep their existence a secret and that I should be more discreet. That's all I can remember. Thanks for taking the time to read my story!!!
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Maybe you were really kidnapped. Sounds fun to ride in an alien craft though.<br />
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George - haveanicedream.com

I've thought of that. I just wish that they would contact me again, since I know of them now and I am old enough to understand.

You have had sharp words (sharp teeth) with others and you need to control this. The space ship represents your high ideals. Red tells me you should stop the anger and think before you speak (discreet), having good judgment in what one says.

It makes me think that some extraterrestrials might have tried to contact me at an age too young cause I had this dream when I was about nine or ten.