White And Black Clothing In Dream

Need help, please, had a dream that I know has a meaning but cant figure it out...I went to pick up my guy friend, we were going to the city to watch a show or something, as I waited outside his house, I see him come out dressed completely in a white suit, very elegant, I was dressed very well but all in black...we went to take the subway...it was free...the stairs were very long going down, there were alot of people waiting there too....what does this all mean???
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Free subway? Really strange, man. Maybe you and your friend have some differences that might need to be solved by 3rd party (group)? We might need to know more about your relationship to know more about your dream.<br />
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yeah, free subway, i remember thinking in the dream how weird that was lol...he's just really a good friend &amp; nothing more...we get along really well

The black and white symbolizes the right and wrong approach in meeting your problems. Formal clothing could show superiority. The subway shows the lower dimensions of consciousness, the many steps to a greater awareness of yourself. Group of people waiting may be showing patience is needed in yourself.