A Dream After Many Weeks Of Struggling With Myself

In my dream it started on a train and the announcement was “Washington St. Stop”. I thought “hey this is my stop gotta get off here”. As I got off at the platform I was walking and knew in the part of the town I was in it wasn’t a good area. I was changing a song on my Ipod as someone tried to steal it. After a small struggle and them pulling a weapon I actually scared him off and was able to keep my stuff. I checked to make sure I had everything and continued to my destination. The next part I remember is, I was in a building with all glass walls and almost all my closest friends were there. We were all heading somewhere and I was on a spiral escalator that as it went up there was a spot to get off at the top but if I didn’t get off it just continued back to the bottom. Next to the escalator there were stairs that went straight up straight from the bottom. As I reached the top of the escalator my ex girlfriend was standing on the stairs looking at me. She then asked “Are you getting off?” I looked at her and replied “I don’t know.” And I could see a look of disappointment on her face as I rode the escalator back down. Once I reached the bottom I got off it and went onto the stairs to meet up with everyone again.
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

I am kinda thinking of trying to invent the "new" escalator! but on a more serious side I was really looking at this with biased that it was just something from it being a recent breakup and my ex being in it. so i was thinking it had to do with our relationship. Thank you stareye for the better outlook on it!

The train represents your spiritual journey through life with the spiritual climb to your destiny. The spiral escalator is the perfection gained through the cycle of return, as in reincarnation.

Nice. :) Spiral escalator. Maybe you should invent it. There's this blog that tries to track dreams by location and keywords. It's called haveanicedream.com. They have a dream map and everything. I post my dreams there every morning when I can remember them. Maybe I'll be able to find others like me who dream the same dream. Who knows, right?