Sometimes The Stuff I Dream Of Happens In Real Life.........

i had this dream where me and a few of my friends went clubbing, got drunk had an awesome time and went racing of with the 1 buddy that drove began driving really fast and diong all kinds stunts with his car while were sitting in the back thinking wot hes up to,it went on like that for atleast half an hour till we speeded across a fuel station he didn notice the sand in the road took a sharp turn and slided across the road in2 somebodys railing and thats wen a knocked my head against the side of the window and woke up...thinking to myself i had a weird and intense dream... a few months after i had that dream the vry same thing happend to me.....wot does that mean?can we somtimes see the future or only bits and pieces in your dreams???
Roboticman Roboticman
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Any personal condition before becoming reality is first dreamed. We just don't remember them all.

Wow, I know this blog that's working on piecing dreams together on a map with keywords and stuff. They deal with dream sharing too. I already started writing my dreams in there, I want to see how they evolve. Maybe I'll be able to find others like me who dream the same dream. Who knows, right?