Hello im a female teenager and I had a couple of dreams a few weeks ago and they were quite similar. These dreams were really weird to me. So here are my dreams friends from my mandarin class were in a classroom. We were about to greet the teacher,when suddenly my bestfriend( lets call her Z) walked to me and french kissed me. I responded my kissing her back. Thats when i woke up. When i woke up, i was shocked.why would i dream about kissing her if i had a boyfriend?

2.another friend of mine(lets call her V) and i were in the library. Then the scene changes into a dark room.we were face to face around 10 cm apart. She told me in a soft,angelic voice, kiss me i know you want to.while brushing her lips against mine.i kissed her. It felt kind of good. thats when i woke up and again shocked because i had a boyfriend and i didnt want to dream about that.

Can someone explain what these dreams mean?
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We don't really know how the mind works when it comes to dreams. Don't think so much about it. You said you're in your teens, I think that's just normal since you're still curious with a lot of things. Don't also stress yourself by thinking if you're a bi or a homo. Just do whatever it is you want to do. You're still young.

Everyone has bisexual dreams. Even if they admit it or not.