VERY Weird Dreams!!!!and I Mea...

VERY weird dreams!!!!and I mean VERY!! i love dreams though, sometimes i eat a lot of cheese before going to bed simply in the hope that I'll have an interesting dream.a lot o my recent onesyou probably wouldn't understand....but they inspire me with ideas for stories, so that's one of the good things.
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lol i know right it happens to me all the time. but usually when i wake up from an amazing dream i end up forgetting it about 20 minutes later if i start thinking about something else, so i try to just focus on the dream that i had until i get it written out...i usually fail. does eating cheese make you dream weirdly?

Haha, I'm the same way. Of course, sometimes I wake up excited from an awesome dream, thinking it'd make a great story, but an hour later I realise the truth: it is actually quite silly. *sigh*