Reoccuring Dream

I keep having this dream where I go to this new private school, that's really stuck up or sometimes a country club, or even a gym. Something will happen like I'll disagree with a teacher and they'll send me too this room where they're going to torture me or something and I try and esape but I never do. The esape methods have been endless too; the  airvents, running, sneaking into closets and then jumping out of windows. hmm anyways I'm just not sure what exactly this is supposed to mean.

I had this dream the other day that made me laugh, I was at school and it was still morning before the first period bell had rung. And my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to set up a table and play poker in the middle of the hallway. So we did and eventually a teacher came an got us in trouble, so we all had to go to the principals office and when  we got there they greeted us with a pinata. So we had a party in the office. geez that was so weird

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1 Response Apr 15, 2007

I was reading the last part and couldn't help myself laughing lol