No Escape!

I had this dream a while ago... I'm in a random apartment on the top floor but in my dream it's my regular house. And this girl i know is watching tv with me. Suddenly she pulls out a revolver and tries to shoot me, so I shoot her. Then some guy opens the door with a gun and also tries to shoot me so i use the girl's body to take the bullet and shoot that guy. Then someone Else comes through the same door so i take the new dead guy's body and shoot the new guy. Then i run down the stairs on the other side of the room and i know someone else is coming so i try to open the door but it's locked and i know i dont have time to get away. then i wake up.

In another one i'm outside my old school just walking down the street when suddenly a GIANT HUUUUGE dump truck comes spinning out of control. I hide behind a huge tree and the dump truck slams into the tree, a big branch falls almost on my head but i stop it with my hands barely cause its super heavy. Then another GIANT HUUUUGE dump truck comes spinning out of control and slams into the first one which slams harder into the tree which knocks another huge branch and i wake up.

what the EFF
thegrinch thegrinch
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2012

Dang that's crazy. You're right; it's like there's no escape. 0_0

In your first dream it is a warning against being drawn into arguments that will bring trouble. <br />
The second dream shows cleansing is needed or something needs to be eliminated in your life.