War And Torture

This is a very weird dream I had a while ago, wrote it out in my dream journal and decided to put it on here!

I was at school , but everyone was panicking we needed to escape, something was coming, some of us ran and jumped out a second story window onto a first floor roof, if we fell through the gap we would die, they would come for us… We ran into the forest, nighttime, still clueless as to what was coming, suddenly we were handed machine guns ‘Go, don’t fall behind’ we ran through the forest looking out over a field full of gunfire and death. I can’t die, but we had to go, we were flushed out, gunfire, people falling all around, I was so scared. Think .. think… they won’t shoot dead people! I laid on the floor not daring to move suddenly a cloaked figure came out of the distance, walking up to me, bodyguards surrounding him, he held in his hand, something.. what is it? I stayed still , no escape now. Closer , closer, they surrounded me and waited. The figure walking towards me ‘well well well..’ instincts screaming at me to run RUN! I stay.. ” I wonder if she is dead, well there is only ONE way to find out” says the figure, they all laugh. S**T. The thing in his hand lights up with a spark, some kind of cattle prod? S**T S**T S**T. Still not moving. He leans in ‘3… 2… ’ S***.

Stood at a distance watching a man about to be electricuted. NO! that should be me, why did he take my place? why ? I can’t let this happen. Running towards them’ ‘STOP ! YOU WANT ME’ everyone turns- ‘get her’. Grabbed from behind by a soldier! Pull away, stop this. Screaming, I strain against the soldier ’ LET ME GO!’ His reply cruel and crude ‘watch what you have caused’ he lowers the cattle prod and shocks the man who was in my place. He writhes in pain ‘NOOOOOO’ again and again and again he is shocked. ‘NO’. This is my fault! Who is this man ?What have I done? Why did the man take my place?

Very weird. Any ideas what it could mean? I have many more strange ones to come!
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That's interesting! thank you!

This dream is warning you of problems which you refused to face and to remove yourself from a dark, negative state. Death refers to old attitudes that must die.