A Game Of Cat And Mouse

Was at a college, must have been the one i'm not going to because Eimee was there. It was some kind of presentation evening with a screen up and an audience , suddenly a dance troop was there and i got shoved on stage? they were all wearing black appart from me and doing some weird dance, i must have looked like a right idiot trying to copy them because it was very intricate! after about 1 min i just stopped, turned to the head master dude and was like'

,' why the f*** are you making me do this, i clearly HAVEN'T learnt it?'

All dancers and audience stop an look at me but i'm not embarrased, headmaster is furious and hall falls into chaos!
I walk around talking to others about how bad the college is, and I distinctly remember talking about one male member of staff being a player who was like 3 timing on students? Head master looses it and orders staff to restrain me, my god do I run away!

Hallways have kind of morphed into hospital ? I run outside, but then go back in and me and Eimee and some other random girl meet up? We go to this HUGE chamber which can have it's landscape changed ( so it is like the size of 4 football pitches to give you an idea! but it seems smaller) it is clear you are meant to play a game. Catch it must be! So we choose a landscape, the stranger girl makes it clear she wants to be chasing, and won't take no for an answer, and so the games begin!

After a while of running and hiding ( I remeber hanging of the edge of the 'map' as it were, just holding on with my fingers and shimmying along, then hoisting myself up and running down some gulleys ) i get caught. The three of us meet up again and start to decide who will be the chaser next, the girl is demanding it be her again, as she caught us both, she must have won! We tell her no!

Eimee must be on next, as I run around, more people have joined the game, near the end of the allotted time I climb a huge wooden turret thing (there is a ladder) and find Kathi hiding up there?

I'm on next and my close family have now joined, my dad, mum and brother. I am chasing after them, around edges and through channel that are through mountains ect, i can jump really far? and i see my dad in the distance and jump to reach him just as he is doing a forward roll, I over shot it and he collides with me, but continues running!! CHEAT

I say ' You are out, I just got you!'

He claims he didn't feel anything?

I then get woken up by a text -.-
any ideas?
nicolewootten nicolewootten
18-21, F
Jun 20, 2012