Dream Of Dead Girl 2

This is my second dream of her...
All my dreams of this girl are recorded in my journal...

I was at this tree, a red rose tree, yes it was strange to be red roses but in my dream I saw them.. the tree was next to this big pond but where I was standing at, had a little cliff. I was there dazed in the confusion of how and why i was there but yet again i was calm and peaceful. As I slowly start to walk away I see from the corner of my eye and girl sitting down with something in her hand which looked like a key. I was frozen not really scared. So i ask her what and why I'm here? She didn't answer me bit just started crying, and humming a melody. I was still standing about ten feet behind her, so I started slowly making my way to her and as gentle as I can I put my hand on her shoulder and asked her to go home. When I said that she grabbed my hand turned slowly with the same stretched smile but this Time I saw her eyes, they were all black, she was crying blood and with her mumbling words she pushes me off the cliff, and she shakes the key in her hand and throws it at me.
Dreamofghosts Dreamofghosts
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1 Response Jul 3, 2012

The rose tree is your spiritual state, harmony and love. You have found a solution to a problem (key) or to a new way of life. The girl crying is a warning to yourself. Black eyes could relate to death, which refers to an old state of mind that must die. There is danger to your body or health because an actual fall (cliff) from a high spot would be bad.