My Weird Dream

Hello people, I had a weird dream where I was travelling with two Colleague of mine from work in a car. We suddenly got lost and we were looking for our way home. And all of sudden I don't see them anymore, I found myself in the toilet and my back facing the door. Then I felt as if someone was standing behind me so i turned around to see a woman that looked like a devil worshipper.

She was wearing black clothes with a lots of black make up around the eyes, and lots of piercing on her body. She also had a sign on her cheek like a fork. I got scared and she was just about to kick me when I found myself at another place. I was running away, I was been chassed by dead people like on Michael Jackson video "thriller".

I was with my two children and my nephew and niece. Then I saw a house but the gates were locked. The people in the house could see us but were afraid of the dead people so they refused to open the gate for us. So as we were screaming at them to open the gate we saw a little girl aged between ten and eleven. she was wearing a white dress and she had long golden hair and inside here hands there was a light. she was trying to stop the ghost from killing us. So she lift up her hands to stop them, as the light came in contact with their eyes they started to slow down a bit since they couldn't see properly.They then started to be too strong for her then she fell down and they now coming for us.

Then i said "Let there be light" and suddenly it wasn't dark anymore. They just vanished and it was bright and there were flowers everywhere and we were not scared. Then i woke up.

What a weird dream. I still ask myself what it meant.
Moyahabo Moyahabo
31-35, F
Jul 12, 2012