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I had a dream I was eating salt & vinegar chips out of my step father's beard. D: His breath smelled bad, like beer and ***. I'm so grossed out.

StraightOuttaContext StraightOuttaContext 26-30, F 13 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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Im crying and the comments are making it worse. Funniest dream ever! Rofl

Ewwwwwww omg omg omg that's so gross 😷

Yep ...thats nasty, funky, and what all else.....I hope this helps you find an understanding.

.....I have to throw up now ...and later too.

Maybe its a subconscious fear of salt and vinegar chips?

That's freakin hilarious.
: )

OMIGAWD, lmfao. I cracked up. Bahahahahahahaaaaaa


Bewear of ur step dad

Okay, that one really cracked me up.

Same here, I just picture the whole scenario. God why aren't my dreams this cool

That's disgusting, what does it mean??

I dont know. I didnt like that dream.

Let's not speak of it ever again....

how is your relationship with your stepfather? I hate mine and the thought of eating something from his beard is repulsive.

Haha. Eewwww

lol.. wow.. i love dream.. other peoples dream that is.