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I had a dream I was eating salt & vinegar chips out of my step father's beard. D: His breath smelled bad, like beer and ***. I'm so grossed out.

Luckybird Luckybird 26-30, F 14 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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Lmao what a weird dream

Ewwwwwww omg omg omg that's so gross 😷

Yep ...thats nasty, funky, and what all else.....I hope this helps you find an understanding.

.....I have to throw up now ...and later too.

Maybe its a subconscious fear of salt and vinegar chips?

That's freakin hilarious.
: )

OMIGAWD, lmfao. I cracked up. Bahahahahahahaaaaaa


Bewear of ur step dad

Okay, that one really cracked me up.

Same here, I just picture the whole scenario. God why aren't my dreams this cool

That's disgusting, what does it mean??

I dont know. I didnt like that dream.

Let's not speak of it ever again....

how is your relationship with your stepfather? I hate mine and the thought of eating something from his beard is repulsive.

Haha. Eewwww

I'd love to know what the dream analyzers think of this one. Can't be good. lol

I guess I'm not allowed to WB board you so I'll ask you here instead. In looking at your avi picture ... are you a doll? or have you just had a bunch of plastic surgery?

haha I'm a doll :) why cant you use my wb?

Your "privacy restrictions" will not allow me to post on your WB. Might be because I have a "red dot" (adult content within my profile). Not sure.

I was planning to go with "your a doll" but given your age I thought, well maybe plastic surgery. lol!

lol.. wow.. i love dream.. other peoples dream that is.