I Dreamed Of You

Slowly I awake, not allowing this feeling to flee

Shouldn't be

Anger, wanting, needing

All wrong, so intense

At once so bound, yet so freeing

Do I share? I tell...

...a yell

A cry of shame

Not my fault

Lock it away, deep in my vault
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5 Responses Aug 2, 2012

Hatred and shame,<br />
It all remains,<br />
boundless refrains,<br />
It is all the same.<br />
<br />
One can not hate without love

I do have weird dreams, but then I am weird too, so it makes sense. Powerful words this story is.

Pssst... *whispers* It's Seuss-induced vitamins... Taken has a lifetime supply...

*whispers back* I think you might be right....

Faerie thinks that Dr. Seuss has changed tactics...<br />
<br />
Love this, Taken! I do get that kind of dreams... well, one in particular really... but it scares the cr*p out of faerie! *inhales deeply... and exhales strongly*

I can usually remember my dreams only immediately after waking. Of course, they aren't as interesting as your dream sounds.

Settin it free here helps ... I hope. Preserves it.<br />
<br />
Though I AM often emotionally affected by my dreams, an sometimes wake up feelin great ... or scared ... or worried ... or yes, aroused, I am jus unable to recollect much of what seems so vivid in my sleep. I envy those who can recall moment by moment what their subconscious shares with them.<br />
<br />
Even more so, those who can put those moments to words ... powerful words. Well done, th.