It Feels So Reel

Ever sence i was a little girl ive had this one dream happen many times always happens once a year. So the first dream i ever had of this dream was something i can never forget so here it is: me and my mom are together were in the car driving on a road in the forest my mom tells me she has to make a stop so she drives up and there are two buildings are old dark creepy looking tower and a card store so we pull into the card store. we take about an hour there when we get back into the car my mom backs up and parks in the parking lot of the tower i ask why are we here she says were going up to the top of the tower. as we go up im so scared i feel my heart racing then we reach the top i think and there is a empty space room at the end of the room there this opening and has walls blocking a direction you can go right or left so me and my mom go right we are transported or something to this beautiful place we walk down a trail for awhile then we suddenly come back to the front of the two walls where you had to go right or left we would continuly would go left but it took us to the same place and wouldnt let us walk off the path. so i fianally get tired of this and decide to turn right as i turn the corner i see this big bright red dragon so as i turn to see it, it spits out a huge flame of fire at me then i wake up. As i get older the same thing occurs but with out going to the card store sene i go straight to the tower i continue to go left with the same thing happening until i get tired of it and turn right and get killed by the dragon. then the last one i had i new what was coming i new there was a dragon and decided to face it so it sees me and i start running i get a sword as get ready to attack it brethes fire and sadly i wake up again. i dont understand this dream what is it telling me.
sunnygirlwinx12 sunnygirlwinx12
18-21, F
Aug 30, 2012