Aeroplanes Chasing And Death Dreams

hey,i m Harsh.I am frequently getting weird dreams of AEROPLANES and HELICOPTERS chasing me in my dreams and they are about to hit me,i am running all over to escape them.Recently,i have been shifted to an area that is only about 2kms from the airport and i am shaken by the aeroplanes intense roar.These aeroplanes pass every 10 min from above me .Has this got something to do with my dreams?Please help asap.
Also i love my family very much.The only thing i pray to GOD daily is their safety and happiness.Recently,i am getting the death dreams of my family members and it shakes me badly when i wake up in the morning.I am totally disturbed and dont feel like doing anything.Please help asap.Thanks in advance!
Harsh62 Harsh62
1 Response Aug 31, 2012

Airships or other ob<x>jects in the sky often represent spiritual ideals. You are being chased by your own creations. Living near the airfield has a lot to do with your dreams because dreams are the reaction of the inner self to daytime activities.<br />
Dreams of death is not loss of life, but a transition from one state of consciousness to another. Death refers to an old state of mind that must die, death of old attitudes. This must come to the mind in order to release the higher self.