The Darkness

I awoken last night to the fan falling over and the feeling of being watched. I had brought my dreams into my waking space once again. I hate these dreams the one that carry over to my real life haunting me way pass their allotted time.

I have been plagued with nightmares for as long as I can recall. Getting chased by snakes, dogs, zombies and anything else my imagination can conjure up. I am falling out of the sky and never hit the ground. I'm losing my teeth and can't stop them from falling out. I am in an elevator going higher and higher then falls racing to the ground.

But these dreams are different. I can't remember them. I awake knowing that I was in the mist of a powerful one and i'm not alone in the room. Something has escaped from my night time movie that should only be played out in my unconscious mind while i'm asleep. I don't know what I dreamed about so what's lurking in the darkness is not known to me. I can't fight it so in order to shake the feeling I turn on the TV. I feel it watching me dragging back into my slumber to terrorize me once again. Like always i allow myself to be taken back. Into these night terrors that have become apart of my waking life.
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36-40, F
1 Response Sep 3, 2012

You are being chase by your own creations (daily activities). When a dog appears in your dream, look for an unfriendly relationship with another person. Dreams of falling are warning you to slow down. Teeth falling out shows you have been talking too much, as in loose, careless speech.<br />
Dreams are the reaction of your inner self to daytime activities and often show the way out of problems. Ask for guidance to be sent to you through your dreams before you sleep.<br />
You are having these night terrors because your subconsciousness brings them to your attention in order to correct the errors through a change in your activities or your character. Look for a lesson in your dreams. What have you refused to face or been ignoring? Give daily thanks to God for all things and use prayer to improve the quality and reception of your dreams.

Thank you for reading. I never understood what losing my teeth meant in a dream or being chased by dogs. You offered a lot of wonderful advise that I will take to heart. XOXO