I'm Glad It Wasn't The Sci-fi Channel

I have problems falling asleep alot of the time so sometimes i like to fall asleep to the ambient sounds of the Nature channel..... Next thing i know i am running as hard as i can through the jungle my heart racing my blood pumping something was chasing me. It Was dark i couldn't tell what it was that had me on the run. Every once in awhile i would hear it howl this chilling Roar that sent a wave of terror rushing through me, then something catches me by the heel and sends me tumbling to the jungle floor i spin onto my back to stare into the eyes of what ever it was that was chasing me and all i see is the darkness and seemingly only a foot away the creature Howls the loudest scariest roar yet i scream...........and wake up screaming terror fills me as ii am still hearing the creature and im wide awake. I look frantically about the room the glow of the tv cutting through the dark reallizing im all alone....... the sounds were coming from the tv it was a jungle cat of some type in the ambient sounds of the jungle rainforest sounds.......
Am i ever glad i didn't fall asleep with the sci-fi channel on.
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

You are being chased by your own creations that are such a nature as to bring fear. Your dream is waring you that your getting into trouble (running). Your difficulties are emphasized by the darkness. The howls and screams shows distress of your inner self at your daytime activities.