A Nightmare.....

Its not often I have nightmares,but when I do I tend to dwell. Especially with a reoccurring one that plauges me. I'm lying on the couch watching a movie,as comfortable as I can be when suddenly there's a tap on my porch door. I look up and there's a man standing there eerily smiling at me saying things to me. I can't understand him because he's speaking a language I've never heard before. I shoo him off and go back to my movie. A short time later I guess I fall asleep on the couch because then I hear a noise and jump up, he's standing there smiling at me,speaking the strange language and swinging a hammer! I grab his wrists as he swings the hammer at me. Then I wake up. If anyone can give me some insight, I would appreciate it. :)
sunflower31 sunflower31
31-35, F
Sep 4, 2012