Weird Dreams

hello, recently i had a rather weird dream.

it started out with a woman and we were sorta starting to make out and for some reason something didn't feel right, and she got really mad.. so she started haunting my family, however i remember i kept reassuring myself that it was my dream or that i was more powerful than she, her being a (ghost or demon) and in the beginning i was truly scared of her but as my dream went on and i kept getting stronger and stronger i was no longer scared of her and she truly could not scare me anymore... so she gave me her cell phone and dialed a number and then i pretty much visualized it going to another planet... and a guy answered and i was like tell me her name so she has to exit my dream... because in my dream i had the thought process that if i could say her name she would have to exit. so the man on the other end actually told me her name and then i was coming down the stairs and she actually kinda came at me and i said your names (mercier) and you must go now, and then just like that she left.... anyone else had a dream like this before?
gregus01 gregus01
Sep 5, 2012