My Friend The Murderer

It begins where I meet this girl. She is so nice and a bit lonely being by herself. I decide to become her friend. She is about my age with almost white hair. When I take her to meet my other friends they are kind of scared of her like there is something that I can't see. She is nice and shy but mostly hides behind me as we hang out. One of my friends tells me that she is dangerouse but I diss agree and stay by her side. Much later we are hanging out again and she leaves the room. She was out for quite a while so I decided to check on her. She had a strange look in her eyes. Like she wasn't compleatly there. When I got closer she pulled out a kitchen knife and slashed my arm. I could feel the cut stinging and bleeding. She lunged at me but I quickly got out of the way. I think she only gave me a few more cuts before I disarmned her. A few minutes later she was back to normal as if nothinint had happened. She stayed normal for the rest of he dream except in the end where she was on the brink of turning back to her mad form.
Quinn1313 Quinn1313
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

When a young woman dreams of a man approaching them with a knife and you are frightened is usually warning them against free love. A female with a knife? Maybe warning you against a lesbian relationship? <br />
You usually meet yourself in dreams, so the white haired friend may just be an aspect of yourself.

Haha. I think I will go with the second suggestion.