Death Elevator

okay. So i was on a beach (or lake or something) and i went into like a hotel. it was huge! so then i decide to take the elevator along with tons of other people. very crowded... then when we got to our destination we found it was just an open room. So one guy decides to go back up. And right when the doors shut we hear an alarm. and the key pad was blinking red. first it started off slow then fast and at the end of the fast one it did something horrible. The doors opened and it electrocuted him and he died. Then someone else decides to go in it. As soon as the doors close, the beeping and red lights start slow then fast. Then you can see their silhouette in the doors and they get stabbed to death. This keeps happening to everyone that goes in. Everyone is dead exept for me a guy and his kid. The kid goes next. as the elevator is halfway closed the father holds hands with her... saying there last byes and hoping she makes it. the elevators doors shut, and theres no beeping. she makes it to the top when all of a sudden. beep.... beep... beep. beep, beep, beep, beepbeepbeepbeep boom. the floor drops and she falls to her death. and the worst part is, we see the silhouette all the way down.
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There is always a way of escaping from temptations or evil, and that is the Right Way. Death refers to an old state of mind that must die. Death of old attitudes which must come to the mind and spirit in order to release the higher self.

what does "going up" mean to you?<br />
do you fear going up in some way?<br />
that you would associate going up with DEATH?<br />
MAYBE you want to GO UP somewhere IN LIFE but FEAR (death) is holding you back/down.<br />
but the only way you are going to LIVE is when you overcome your fear of DEATH.