What A Wonderful Dream -- I Want It To Come True!

This morning I dreamed I was in a relationship with my favourite actress, Kirsten Dunst. What a beautiful woman! The dream started at the Academy Awards. Kiki was nominated for Best Actress. As Steve Martin opened the envelope, I just knew she would win. "And the Oscar goes to -- Kirsten Dunst!" I cheered mightily as Kiki came on stage to give her acceptance speech. After the Awards, we met at an Oscars party. I congratulated her on the award and invited her to go out with me. She accepted! For some reason, we went to Minnesota, USA.

Although it was our first date, we proceeded as if we had known each other a long time. We seemed to get very intimate and were making plans about where to live and what I would do while she was off making movies. After a while, someone who I first thought was her father but later realized was her manager showed up and asked what I was up to and what my plans were. I responded that Kiki was a grown woman of 30 and not a teenager. (I remembered her correct age in the dream. I like when I can do stuff like that!) The man asked if I wanted a car dashboard. I politely declined.

After that exchange, Kiki and I had dinner. I declined wine with dinner and so did she. While she spoke (very eloquently), I remember thinking she's even better looking in person than in the movies. We talked for quite a while.

Kiki had yellowish blond hair, very soft to the touch.

As the night ended, we walked holding hands out into the parking lot and went to find a place for breakfast. Twilight was just appearing. A man was setting up for a religious service in the parking lot. There the dream ended.
singalongwithme singalongwithme
Sep 8, 2012