Surrounded By Snakes

I had a dream, where me & my family go for a vacation in the deep woods. All of us having fun... suddenly to my horror i find baby snakes near to the flowing water... & than when i just turn around to warn my family i see a big black anaconda behind me... & boooofffff i woke up...
katerina55 katerina55
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

The woods represent your state of mind, as in a maze. The baby snakes may be showing you to wake up to a dangerous situation or condition just around the corner in which you are holding poisonous thoughts or emotions (anaconda).

Really??? Do dreams even have a meaning???wow...

If you want to change or improve yourself, dreams will show the way. You are best qualified to interpret your own dreams. Dreams come to guide and help, directing your attention to errors or give encouragement. They also give us opportunity to pray for others and help them beat their burdens.

Thanks... :)