Getting Killed In A Dream...

Not sure if other people have these kind of dreams, but all i know is that the experience is quite something.

I remember the first time I was killed in my dream. I was standing on subway tracks in a tunnel, waiting for the train. But as soon as it arrived I realised I was standing on the tracks. I tried to jump away but it was too late and I got crushed by the least I think I did. When I got hit, I felt only a little pain. Then darkness, everything goes dark and its like I'm hovering somewhere.

The feeling of being dead was very odd, no pain. Just emptiness, but not emptiness in the sense that I was lonely or lacking something. I was just surrounded by nothing.

That was my first ever dream of my own demise, since then, i've had other types:

Getting shot in the head
Getting shot in the chest
Having my head crushed by a heavy object
Falling and hitting the ground
Getting killed by hoolagens with knives
Killing my alternate self with a gun and myself dying as a result
Shooting myself in the head

All of these scenarios ended with the exact same experience after the action. Black emptiness with me suspended in the air. No body, no limbs, no breathing.

Then a couple seconds later I get yanked out of purgatory and start a new completely different dream of completely unrelated scenarios.
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Death refers to an old state of mind that must die. This must come to the mind and spirit in order to release the higher self. Such dreams rarely refer to physical death but death of old attitudes.

"I find it kind of funny/I find it kind of sad/Dreams in which I'm dying/Are the best I've ever had."