I Have Nightmare

can any one please tell me why only have nightmares since i was a child this has been happening but there not just any nightmare i meant as well be there in realy cuse when i wake up my brain cant, i have scared my self that much with i dont even what to go sleep and i know when am gunna have them the right side of my heads hurts me before i go to sleep then when i wake up the left side is hurting strange i know and when my family members are dieing o somthing really bad is happening when i wake up there a heavry felling in the back of my head i call them my demons because thats what they feel like i have done sumthing wrong and i know i aint but there getting that bad i dont ever whant to go to sleep again i did ask my doctor for somthing to block them out but he cant give me sleepers cuse i have a baby girl but this aint helpinh me deal with this dueing i even woke bleedind from my nose, black eye. shouting out in my sleep. and crying i really dont know what to do please some one help thanks
nightmarelisa nightmarelisa
26-30, M
Sep 10, 2012