I Was Being Hunted

The weirdest part about my dream, is that I swear I've had it before a very long time ago (with some changes of course). I was part of a messed up game. A group of my friends (some I knew and some I didn't) and I trusted another group of people (some I knew and some I didn't) that we shouldn't have. They took us in big vans to a busy park that was mostly woods. My group stayed up front where people and family were happy and singing, and one at a time we were taken into the woods were the other group (the hunters) were scattered. The object of the game: get out of the woods alive by killing one of their people before they kill you. They all had guns and we didn't though. Some of my group came back crying with the weapon of their victim in hand. If one of us died in the woods, someone of their team came to retrieve the next prey. I had a horrible headache.

It came to be my turn, but it was different. The prey before me captured one of the hunters and brought them to me with their weapon (a musket) for me to take into the woods and execute in front of the other hunters. The biggest issue: the hunter I had to kill was my ex best friend (whom I still care very much about). But I knew what I had to do in order to survive. As I walked her back into the woods, I passed all the happy people glaring at me. I realized that they had seen the gun and knew what I planned to do but had no idea that it has been going on this whole time. So I started singing to distract them. I got to a clearing in the woods, and as I continued to sing I shot my ex best friend in the stomach. Once I shot her, she was no longer a person but a small plush doll with a blood gushing stomach. I carried the doll back to the front of the park singing like I did nothing wrong. My head was still hurting.

Back at the front I was no longer singing and started crying. Apparently, just because we survived the first round into the woods, doesn't mean we will survive the next. We had to keep playing until one of the groups was completely defeated. There was three of us waiting our next turn and we tried to formulate a plan to escape the park. The worst part this time: one of us three was my mum. She knew of a tunnel that led out of the park and was going to get help. When she left, the person being hunted came back but was badly injured. As the other woman who was with my mum and I, was trying to help the injured kid, she kept rubbing her temple saying that it hurt...that was where I was hurting as well. It then clicked to me that at some point they had put a tracker in us so they could find us in the woods. That means they knew my mum had escaped, and I had the worst feeling of dread somehow knowing that she hadn't made it.

That's when I woke up. I knew I had a dream very similar to this one before but YEARS ago. I haven't the slightest clue as to what it could mean...
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There are emotional explosions in your life (guns). You are fleeing or being chased by your own creations. Your dream warns you against being drawn into arguments that bring trouble (shooting). A headache may relate to your distress with yourself. Your singing show the activities of divine forces within yourself. Your trying to find a way to escape from your problems. The dreams warns you of the separation from those spiritual ideals represented by your mother. It also indicates because of the woods and the fear involved, that you had indeed lost your way. A return to those truths your childhood promised, the same comfort and peace which, as a child (doll), you had enjoyed with your mother. The deaths only represents an old state of mind that must die. Death of old attitudes that must come to the mind to release the higher self.