My Weird Dreams So Far...

I once dreamt that am a contestant on the Who wants to be a millionaire show (UK). Chris Tarrant asks me a question and I joking say, on the first question, "Computer, take away three wrong answers and leave the one right answer." All of a sudden everyone stops lkaughing and Chris crys out "NO!" LOL The computer does exactly that! I am then asked to leave and I leave with nothing :( Chris is behind me, clapping.

I also must admit to having... sex dream twice! First time was with an uniditentified girl and the second time with a girl I do actually know. Both dreams had been so realistic!
Sazzio Sazzio
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

The television show relates to your searching for the truth within yourself.
The sex dreams confront you with people known and unknown, and may reflect a current situation in your life.

Last year I dreamt of being a millionaire... did that happen? hmm...