Sraed Ttoo Losse Love

am in lve but every dream with him i love him but my heart breaking one dream i had to share him with his ex at first he loves me loves the dress am in kissing me hlding me and then i go a way for a bit and come back and he doing every thing too her but he likess it better and he turns around all i could feel was tears of loss i rember her be happy about it.

my othere dream i losse him i walk home and he with another wmen and he tells me he loves her and that he dosent want too be with me anymore thats there no use of us i get pain in side and cry and also in the dream i am trying to ascape in the end by a bad man and trying too help others too do the same haveing weponds and magic and all the weird stuff i need some too please tell me why am haveig these dreams ii want them to stop
gergiagirl gergiagirl
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012