Strange, Yet Peaceful

I had a dream in which both Tom and his wife Ellee featured. I was in some kind of drama school where people were rehearsing a performance. There were crazy costumes and settings and special effects - machines to animate fantasy creatures and such like. Tom was there and smiled at me, and I said hi. Then I went about my business; a bit later, he had to show me how to do something - can't remember exactly what it was, but in order to show me he had to stand close behind me and hold and direct my arms. It felt nice.
After that I went off to do something else, and ran into Ellee. She was busy getting make-up stuff ready for the actors. She was very kind and friendly. I said to her that I had seen their wedding pictures, and that I thought she looked very beautiful that day. All in all the dream felt peaceful. I woke up feeling happy.
DancingFox DancingFox
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

cute..... =) You've been thinking about them before bed

I clearly spend WAY to much time stalking them online. Is it weird that I downloaded their wedding pics? I'm such a freak...

LOL you're not a freak